Our team

LINII is a collection of unique specialists. Each of us is strong in a particular area. We are inquisitive, we ask a lot of questions and always find the right solutions even for the most difficult tasks.

Mikhail Gubergrits

CEO and Creative Director

Founder and ideological inspirer of the company. Complex tasks specialist. One of the few people in Russia who not only knows everything about branding, but also shares this information regularly. Expert in classical music, fine wine, tea and English design.


Taisiya Denisova

Client Services Director

She has been masterfully managing branding projects for five years: has over 500 completed cases. Taisiya makes sure that our customers are satisfied in all respects. She also manages the creative team and knows who has what potential and upload schedule. Responsible and systematic to the fingertips.


Dmitry Burenko

Development Director

Sociologist, candidate of psychological sciences. Professional manager with 20+ experience in advertising, marketing, sustainability and education. Worked as Managing Director in BBDO Moscow and Development Director in WWF Russia. Teaches at the Higher School of Economics, lectures on ecology and artificial intelligence in Pryamaya Rech educational center. Plays hockey. In process of writing the "Wild Cities" book, devoted to relations between wild species of flora and fauna and humans in an urban environment.


Polina Vasilyeva

Strategy Director

More than 20 years in marketing, strategy, branding in top international communication enterprises. Received additional education in the Executive MBA program at the Amsterdam Business School. Loves structure, consistency, iron logic and practical meaning in work. Knows how to sort through, explaining complex strategic passages to the client in simple language. Plans to make a trip around the world when the children finish school.


Tatyana Logvinova

New Business Manager

She has been working in marketing for over 15 years and has never been afraid of complex tasks and pitches. Her superpower is attention to details. Appreciates individual approach, empathy and just loves people. Inspired by travel, delicious food and smart books. Friendly with all trees and flowers.


Elena Ilina

Head of Naming Projects

Helps to pack grandiose ideas and meanings in one word. Figures out how to register the unregistered. Notices hidden meanings and associations in simple words. Fond of tarot cards and the history of Ancient Egypt.


Katya Kolotilova

Head of Retail Design

Creates atmospheric and functional spaces in HoReCa and Retail industries. Combines branding and interior design. Believes that everyone should make the world around them a little more beautiful. Loves wine and surfing.


Valery Sadovsky

Art Director


Nikolai Demin

Art Director

More than 8 years of experience in identity and packaging. Develops symbolic graphics and illustrations. In his work, he maintains a balance of content and minimalism. Likes to play with meanings in graphics and words.


Artyom Semyonov

Art Director

Graduated from BHSAD, Visual Communications 06/07. Fond of Scandinavian and Japanese graphic design. Likes to analyze and compare everything. Flexible and diversified. Appreciates beautiful speech and cars. Is a master to pick up that very sound track for any case.


Julia Plotnik

Art Director

Explores the world and people through design. Values empathy and a strategic approach to work. Teaches and maintains her own Telegram channel called "Notes in the Fields", where she shares case studies on identity, industrial design, fonts, applications, links to lectures and events. Inspired by travel and people. Knows how to fly a plane. Developed her own font. Сollects rare musical instruments.


Valeria Lyakutkina

Project Manager

Manages projects with love. The working principles are harmony and mutual understanding. Analyzes situations from all points of view. She consciously came to branding and project management, starting from advertising manager to the head of marketing department. She enjoys studying people and loves interviews. Rejoices every day walkings.


Maria Sorochenko

Project Manager

Keeps balance between love for creativity and knowledge of the law. Expert in intellectual property issues. Feels people. Likes to dive into the details of projects and solve diverse tasks.


Alena Razzhivina

Project Manager

Graduated from the Management and Marketing department in the Financial University under the Government of Russian Federation. Studied at the Moscow School of Communications. For 8 years she has been developing her project in the event decoration industry. Takes a gentle empathic approach in work and tries to make executives perform tasks of their own free will, and not under pressure. Invests all her free time in traveling, snowboarding and her Charlie corgi.


Katya Filimonova

PR Director

Rocket girl. Curious, empathic, loves storytelling and tries to think strategically. Looks at each material simultaneously through the eyes of the agency, journalist and readers. A PR eminence grise and philologist who studied six languages, including Swedish, Serbian and Latin. Loves arthouse cinema and electronic music. Believes that healthy humor will save the world.


Anna Kamenkova


In the profession since 2016. Passed intensives at UAL and successfully completed the course at BHSAD. Believes that all projects are worthy of love, to be useful and beautiful. Fond of football, inspired by music.


Kirill Zharkoy


Started his design journey with the magazine layout. Then turned into a graphic and motion designer. About 5 years engaged in identity. Lives digital: often uses CGI and motion design in his projects, plays and creates content for games. Fond of movies, skiing and petting dogs.


Alena Gorbacheva


Graduated from the Academy of Architecture and Art, worked in several advertising and branding agencies. Says that she would make design, even if I wasn’t paid for: "The most interesting and difficult thing in design is finding a solution. You always want to find the most accurate, which corresponds to the task and at the same time will be aesthetic."


Alexandra Yanchukova


Graphic and book designer, studied at the Moscow State University of Printing by Fedorov, BHSAD and Fabrica research centre. Considers design to be a combination of functionality, relevance and aesthetics. Tries to find her own approach and solution for each project. Likes to chat about old movies and travel.


Anton Andreev


He believes that design is primarily a function and has an applied purpose. And that the customer should receive a simple and easy-to-use tool that effectively helps him complete business tasks. Passionate about emptiness observation, abstract art and felting.


Inessa Genkina


Graduated from several communication schools: IKRA, Ferma and Mads. Developed digital and smm strategies for federal FMCG, B2B and corporate brands. Basic sociological education and craving for research. In any incomprehensible situation, runs to study and pet the cat.


Artyom Sokol


For a long time he was a designer of logos and signs, at the same time he was fond of lettering and motion design. Likes to walk, take pictures, travel to St. Petersburg and eat Volchek buns. Sometimes he paints on the walls.

Our history


In 2003 Mikhail Gubergrits together with two partners, opens the first specialized naming agency in Russia called LEXICA naming. Step by step the agency becomes one of the leaders in naming, an expert in a narrow and specialized niche. In 2008 Andrey Ionochkin became the CEO of LEXICA naming. Andrey is the author of his own naming techniques, the author of a series of lectures on naming.


LEXICA naming together with Wordshop Moscow Academy of Communications opens the first Naming School in Russia. Many of its graduates are still our namers. Since that moment, we have been consistently doing from 25 to 45 naming projects per year.


On July 1, 2012, a new era begins — a design studio called LINII opens. Its founders are Mikhail Gubergrits and Andrey Ionochkin. The first two projects of the studio, Verba Mayr and Know-How from Beeline, still exist in the form in which we developed them. The first office of the studio is located in Baumanskaya street, and the team includes 5 people.


The studio decides to focus on retail and territory branding projects. In 2013, LINII won the first Grand Prix at OPEN FEST, the international festival in Minsk, for developing a brand of Kirovograd. We moved to the office on Tretyakovskaya, there are 8 people in the studio.


We continue to grow. In 2014 we start working with Prime Star. We win two important pitches, one of which is international. At the end of the year, we launch the Street Beat brand. We are starting to actively grow towards large retail projects. At the end of the year, we are developing a brand for Murmansk, which is currently the most awarded territory branding project in Russia.


In 2015, we did 4 territory branding projects and won the first international prize: Pentawards Silver in London (for the development of a packaging series for Prime Star). We are doing a large-scale rebranding of the Winline bookmaker operating in the premium segment, as well as rebranding Casino Opera in Minsk (the coolest casino in the CIS), entering the territory of the premium segment. We are becoming LINII Group: in addition to LINII studio, the Group includes LEXICA naming agency and Brandkey agency.


There are already 20 people in the studio. SimpleWine vinotheque chain rebranding becomes the second important project in Russia according to Sostav.ru annual rating. We decide to focus on branding in retail and HoReCa. Important projects are: development of the Home Market brand in the economy segment, as well as Solovei hairdressing chain.


Art director Igor Mustaev joins the agency. This year we are developing strategy for ourselves, changing a lot of things inside. The second rebranding for the Prime Star chain turns out to be even more successful than the first, in terms of results. It becomes the third best project in Russia according to Sostav.ru annual rating. We also completed a large-scale and significant project — the development of He has 34 brand in the premium segment. At the end of the year, BQB, a well-known agency specializing in packaging design, joins LINII Group.


The studio started the year with a successfully rebranded Coffee House, an iconic Moscow chain during a month and a half. On March the first cafe in the new design was opened in Polyanka.

In summer, the first Wabi Sabi, rebranded by the LINII Group, is opened. Contemporary artist Dmitry Kavka developed a series of posters on a Japanese theme. The studio is participating in a joint project between Yandex and Bang! Bang! Education: 100 Years of Design movie. LINII are filming a short film dedicated to the period 1930-1935 in design. In July 2018, it was shown in Oktyabr cinema in the presence of 1,500 people.

As of September 2018, LINII Group consists of 30 people.

The largest and most notable project of 2018 is the full-scale rebranding of Eldorado. The project, which lasted almost six months, we conducted together with DDB advertising agency and Frishmann architectural studio.


In 2019, we started a large project to develop the architecture of the Shokoladnitsa Group of Companies. The result is a portfolio of brands approved at the highest level, as well as the development of a completely new brand in the Grab & Go segment: Shoko Coffee.

In March, LINII moved to an office on Pokrovsky Boulevard, where lectures can be held. We marked the move with a shock series of creative breakfasts and dinners with star speakers, like Erken Kagarov, Svetlana Maybrodskaya, the SHUKA agency, Vlad Ermolaev and many others.

During the spring-summer, we collected absolutely all the gold awards of Russian festivals and competitions in retail sphere. At the Russian Retail Week, our project for Eldorado received gold in the Best Store of the Year nomination, and at the POPAI Retail Awards we took gold for Wabi Sabi in Retail Branding nomination. There was also gold in Best Store of the Year nomination for the project of Dr. Head flagship store.

In summer we are participating in 33 Words About Design filming.

In autumn, a long-term cooperation with Dodo Pizza company begins. The first project is the rebranding of Dodo Pizza China. In September, our retail team goes on a study trip to China (Shanghai and Hangzhou) to explore the HoReCa market. The project is so huge that we will finish it only at the beginning of next year.

Also in August 2020, we will complete the rebranding of the Bookvoed, St. Petersburg bookstore chain. At the end of the year, the project will become one of the most notable events in Russian branding and will take second place in the Best Projects of the Year rating according to Sostav.ru.

At the same competition, another of our projects is the development of Zuckerstuck brand of Viennese coffee houses.

Our team is getting stronger. Dmitry Burenko (formerly Managing Director of BBDO Branding and BBDO Moscow, Development Director of WWF Russia and iSpring) comes to the position of Development Director.

At the end of the year, we will announce a new corporate identity for the Prime Star chain. We are also working on other important projects: we are developing a strategy for one of the leading Russian IT companies, SKB Kontur, and developing a corporate identity for Okko online and offline cinemas. We are working on the strategy and identity of a major player in the iSpring online learning market. We are developing a corporate identity for the re:Store brand (Inventive Retail Group) and corporate merch for MKB bank employees.


We have doubled in terms of the number and scale of completed projects, revenue and team members. In 12 months, the staff increased from 15 to 25 people. Strong players came to us: art director Sergey Yurkevich and new business manager Tatyana Logvinova. Art director Yulia Plotnik returned to the "family", the management team became stronger, and LINII celebrated its 9th birthday at Anapa seaside.

2021 is marked by a trio of high-profile projects. The first project is X5 Retail Group ecosystem rebranding, which was renamed X5 Group.

VkusVill rebranding covered all possible media. LINII developed a new concept for a brand — "Don’t be right, be real" — as well as its identity. The font was created by legendary Yuri Gordon.

The year-long project of M.Video corporate identity systematization has been completed: the detailed guides for all occasions were securely recorded in 11 volumes.

With Magnit brand, we worked on superstore formats, turning a trip to the grocery store into a whole trip: we launched a "chemical" Magnit in Tyumen, and a "navy" one in Novorossiysk.

We created a new sightseeing in the Northern capital — the 3-story Bookvoed flagship store on Nevsky prospect.

This year was rich in "delicious" HoReCa cases: we continued to cooperate with Dodo Brands and launched Doner 42. Modernized Tashir Pizza. We came up with a name and made a brand for KFC delivery service — Pryamikom. We developed a naming and identity for the Jargon grill cafe chain and for the Crisper street food restaurant, as well as a brand for Flour & Apron cafe-bakery in Yoshkar-Ola.

LINII knows a lot about wine. We turned the Derbent Wine Company into Derbent Wine, and also developed the corporate identity guides for SimpleWine.

For the first time, we touched the jewelry industry by rebranding the Moscow Jewelry Factory into MIUZ Diamonds with a stylish visual image. As part of the project, we hold a photo shooting with popular photographer Boris Bendikov.

Of course, we are very fond of and know how to work with the Retail and HoReCa segments, but we have also completed several online brand projects. For the ITOGO marketplace from Lanit, the largest Russian IT group, we developed naming and identity. And for the new financial service for OKB we developed the new name — Credistoriya — and made the corporate identity of the brand.

LINII carried out a bright and provocative rebranding of the strongest school of creativity in Russia — Wordshop, and developed the name NITI for the new value-oriented communications agency by Serafima Gurova.