Wordshop Communications Academy

February 2021

Rebranding by LINII in collaboration with Dmitry Kavka.

At the end of 2020, the Wordshop Communications Academy, founded in 2006, announced a rebranding. The new identity was developed by LINII together with Dmitry Kavka famous artist.

Rebranding has become one of the brightest and most provocative in the history of the academy. It was caused by a transition to a blended learning format that combines offline and online education.

Dmitry Kavka created a kind of alphabet that reflected the concept of the academy "Change your head". It was such a provocative design that we had to heavily calm down the style with a minimalist logo, an additional simple corporate font, sometimes we had to move the graphics into the background.

Our team was faced with the task of finalizing Dmitry’s style and offering their own concepts. We made three different designs, one of which was chosen. The graphics turned out to be modern, and the design is concise and clean. It is well read from all media, including gadgets.

A stylish merch design was also created for Wordshop students: shoppers with the abbreviation of the faculty, t-shirts with a new logo, as well as badges and bracelets that will definitely be able to distinguish future industry leaders.