VkusVill supermarket chain

September 2021

VkusVill became a leader of Omnichannel rating of the largest retailers through the eyes of a buyer 2021. This year the company decided to change its positioning and image. LINII branding agency was chosen for this task.

Just like in nature there are no two identical apples, so in the new VkusVill logo there are no two identical letters. Our strength is in diversity. "Don't be right, be real!" — this is the message and concept of the brand.

In the new VkusVill logo, this idea is implemented with a rhythmic and intentionally slightly "wrong" typography. The varying width of the letters helps make the abbreviated logo (the BB monogram) recognizable and distinctive. Lettering was developed by legendary Russian typographer Yuri Gordon. 

In addition to the main green color, LINII suggested using an additional "berry" red.