Verba Mayr Austrian health center

February 2016

In 2015 the Austrian health center Verba Mayr was opened in the Moscow region. It is based on the doctor Franz Xavier Mayr method, which involves a comprehensive body diagnosis in combination with cleansing and recovery.

The task was to associate the brand with naturalness and ecology in consumers’ minds. This purity declared not only the natural component of the company, but also a medical sterility. To emphasize this idea, we made a logo with a crystal clear water drop. And the main colors in the palette are natural shades of green and earthy brown.

LINII developed the name, identity, web design and print materials.

Some of our projects are born quickly, and some take time to grow. And we grow together with such projects. We have been engaged in this project for almost four years. We can say that there is no other medical project of this level in Russia now

Mikhail Gubergrits, CEO and Creative Director of LINII