City branding for Troyan (Bulgaria)  

Troyan is a small Bulgarian town (26,000 people) with rich history and cultural traditions. It’s known for handcrafted masterpieces, schools of ceramics, folk arts and applied arts. The name of the city appeared thanks to a strategic Roman road running through the mountain pass during the time of Emperor Trojan – "via Trojana". Our Agency developed a logo and a brand identity for this unique city.

The city is known not only for handicraft workshops, but also for Plum festival, for film festival and for motor racing. Ski slopes and hot springs are located nearby.

The main attraction of the city is the Troyan Monastery, built in the XVII century. Trojan rakia (plum vodka) is considered to be the best in Bulgaria. We were deeply inspired with everything this little town has to offer.

Troyan is located in the heart of Bulgaria. Its inhabitants believe that their city is the heart of the Balkan region. The logo visually unites the mountains and the heart which is supported by the slogan "Сърцето на Балкана" ("Heart of the Balkans"). The basis of the brand identity became a series of patterns, arranged in geometric blocks (silhouette mountains + heart). Themes for the patterns were taken from the old town, from exhibits of its museums, from photographs.

We developed a series of patterns with different themes (sports, culture, nature, sights, carpets and fabrics). In support for the new brand we developed a communication strategy "Three days in Trojan", telling how to spend a few days in the region. The project won the third place in the nomination "City Brand " at the international territorial branding festival OpenFest in 2013.