The first SimpleWine vinotheque was opened in 2003. Initially, this network, owned by the largest wine distributor Simple, was called GrandCru and was notable for a professionally selected range of wines. GQ magazine called it "a wine library" with bottles instead of books. After rebranding, carried out by our Agency in 2016, the wine selection became more extent – high quality but affordable wines were added. The network received a more democratic and friendly name – SimpleWine, a neat and easy to use style and an elegant logo. Our case for SimpleWine network was second in the "Results of the year 2016" on in “Branding” nomination.

SimpleWine network offers a variety of wines from different price ranges with a focus on "the best for everyone". Today Simple has one of the most impressive wine portfolios in Europe – 3,500 bottles presented in almost every vinotheque. Even the most sophisticated of clients will find something to their taste and budget – from 100 point wines to democratic positions from small wineries.

Currently the network has 30 venues in Moscow, St.-Petersburg and Rostov-on-don. It’s convenient and pleasant to buy in SimpleWine, and we tried to reflect this in design.

For the logo and brand identity we used principles of continuity, simplicity and elegance. The basis of our logo is a rectangular plate, one of the sides resembles a wine bottle or a glass – the main characters of our design. To emphasize their importance, we chose dark red wine colour combined with noble grey and white.

SimpleWine vinotheques are becoming more accessible not only financially, but also geographically – 50 more stores are opening in Moscow and St. Petersburg in the near future, which means getting a bottle of good wine will be twice as easy!