Brand of Moscow region Ruza

"Ruza Zapovednaya" is a territory brand created by our Agency. It helps reveal Ruza in a new way and make it more attractive for travelers. Ruza appears to tourists as a cozy provincial town with special colours and style, which is reflected in all elements of the urban environment: signs, navigation, small architectural forms and street lighting.

Ruza district is one of the most environmentally friendly cities in the region; it’s a world of natural harmony, which gives peace of mind to everyone who visits it.

The new brand of Ruza includes five components of comfort: harmony, primal nature, purity, freedom and simplicity. To create this brand, we worked with citizens, studied their opinions and wishes and tried to understand how they see their hometown.

To develop the logo we conducted researches, surveys and detailed analysis of the terrain. 


The colour scheme of the logo contains three brand colours: brown, green and blue. They symbolize fertile land, green vast forests, pure water and air.