Prime Star posters


You definitely deserve a reward, so why not take your wonderful self to PRIME STAR, where you get in a great mood for the whole day? Our "playdough" posters ironically tell about how you can regain your strength in a tasty and healthy way.

Fast food venues should be healthy, with light and pleasant atmosphere! That’s what the creators of PRIME STAR cafe by "Novikov Group" say. Healthy and delicious breakfasts, light snacks, fresh salads, and, of course, invigorating and fragrant coffee are always on the menu here. We were entrusted with an important mission – to share the brand's philosophy with its guests.

To build up this relationship, we decided to start with "yourself". Cheerful phrases playfully remind that "it is necessary to have breakfast", "to pamper yourself", "to please yourself" and to nourish and cherish yourself in every possible way. Visually, this ironic story was supported by handmade typography. All poster details related to the texts are made of real playdough. 20 packs of wax and 3 large bars created the soft alphabet in our unusual posters. Order your favourite sandwich or tea, look around and smile, yes, you need to “give yourself a break”!