Successful life, luxury and ... casino! A demanding audience that expects the highest level of service spends time at tables of Minsk Opera Casino. 90% of visitors are from Moscow, they can afford a lot, if not absolutely anything. They have been to the best casinos in the world, so they have something to compare with. Choosing Opera, they choose the most prestigious casino in Minsk, which no other casino in the city can compete with. Our rebranding was supposed to emphasize this premium status of the venue.

During the project we developed a strategy, a logo, a corporate identity, copies, ideas for the first two advertising campaigns and a style for verbal and visual communication.

Special humor, cocky and even arrogant attitude to what is happening, cynicism about life – the brand character turned out to be very big-city.

We wrapped our copies in indulgence towards the world. "To be more modest? Why? ", the guest at the Opera casino addresses to the audience. A deep dark turquoise and aged bronze colours immediately set the tone for luxurious brand communication.


New positioning distinguishes Opera Casino among other Minsk gambling establishments. As stated in our idea for the first advertising campaign of the casino – "It’s not enough for them...". It's not enough to be just a VIP, they want to be a VVIP – a very very important person.