Okhotny Ryad

Take a walk through the city center, go shopping, and then spend some time at a cafe with a cup of coffee... a perfect scenario for any weekend! All these women's little pleasures are available in the shopping center "Okhotny Ryad". This legendary shopping center, located next to the Red Square, has been open for guests for 20 years now. Our agency was lucky to develop brand identity for it basing on the new positioning of "A center of fashion novelties". The new brand strategy assumes that the shopping center becomes more modern and fresh.

Of course, the main fans of fashion novelties are women. Young girls from 20 to 30 years old are the main target audience of the shopping center.

Our Agency created a new sophisticated, stylish, feminine, light and transparent image of the brand.

Recognizable corporate color (turquoise) became the hallmark of the shopping center. Also, "Okhotny Ryad" has its own recognizable graphic component – stylized watercolor background, on which images are placed. The new brand style and color scheme are present on the navigation system, on floor plans, on advertising banners and leaflets. The logo underwent minor changes; having left the recognizable hemisphere of the shopping center, we corrected its graphics, worked with colours and changed the font, making it more unique.

Font solutions for the brand are based on the Aire Bold, developed by Argentinian font studio Lian Types. It supports the overall visual concept of the brand – light and stylish. Indeed, shopping in such an atmosphere is much easier and more enjoyable. Have a good shopping!