M.Video electronics store chain 

November 2021

LINII branding agency has updated brand and corporate identity for M.Video Group, one of top-10 leading Russian companies in the field of e-commerce and retail of electronics and household appliances. New image reflects the company's active development in the e-comm segment and the hybrid format of work, which is based on OneRetail platform.

The challenge was to reflect the boldness and brightness of the brand, high speed and adaptability to changes, the desire to develop along the path of technology companies.

LINII updated the visual style of the company and introduced a new color scheme and graphic elements. Our experts worked out the interconnection of all communications and created a unified corporate identity that combined offline and online media. The basis of the style was a diagonal plate, inclined by 10 degrees, which sets the dynamics for the entire communication. We also introduced the new color scheme, adding an additional turquoise color to the brand's usual red and white combination.