Moonfish – is a new private label for accessories for mobile phones and PCs.

The task of the studio was to develop the branding from scratch. Products: accessories for mobile phones and PCs (protective film, adapters, etc.), which will be sold exclusively in re:Store outlets. Owners of modern mid+ and above digital equipment want to be sure that the accessories are of high quality, will not damage the device and will guarantee its protection when needed. The entire range of new brand accessories will be carefully inspected by re:Store specialists before coming to store shelves.

Moonfish was proposed as the brand name. It is modern, emotional, technological, and easy to remember. To further streamline the brand, the logo was created with the use of the simplest forms, which makes it easy to interpret the logo, and it can be used in the smallest sizes and even be microprinted on the product. The main color of the brand is rich black, with different bright shades representing different categories. This differentiation has made it possible to understand the product line more quickly.