Moonfish brand of accessories for mobile phones and computers

February 2018

The task of the studio was to develop the branding from scratch. Protective films, adapters, chargers and adapters are produced under the Moonfish brand in China. They are sold at an affordable price and exclusively at re:Store outlets. The quality and content of the brand's assortment is carefully controlled before appearing on store shelves.

The suggested name Moonfish is emotional, memorable and modern at the same time.

To support the overall technology of the brand, we created a logo from simple shapes. It is easy to read and can be used in small sizes up to micro deposition on product elements. Intense black became the main color, and bright accent shades encode the categories. This helps navigate the series quickly.

All packaging has modular design and is easily scaled to new types of products that can be added to the series. For user convenience, all basic parameters of products are readily visible on the front. In order to further reinforce the feeling of a starry sky and to emphasize product adaptability, partial UV varnishing is used.