Mom&go is a baby strollers store, offering an impressive range of different brands and models. Our Agency was entrusted with development of a name, a logo, a corporate identity, and an online store design.

Mom&go consultants know almost everything about strollers (especially about those for newborns). The store provides a number of unique services for easy shopping. For example, there is a special area that simulates urban conditions – the buyer can test any stroller before buying, "rolling" it on different types of surfaces and steps.

You have probably already asked yourself why did we call the store that? “Mom&go” is about the customers. Future mothers come to the store to buy a stroller, make their choice and "go" further. They have a long to do list before the child arrives. Then after the happy day, moms "go out" with their sleeping babies in strollers. It's all about them! Moms cope with this easily thanks to the store with a simple and memorable name.