Kid Rocks


Children are fun! And they’re even more fun if you go shopping together. Our agency developed a brand with an energetic and humorous mood for a store chain by Inventive Retail Group. These stores are great for moms and dads, and their active and restless babies. Previously, the network existed as a franchise of PRENATAL MILANO. Now it’s called KID ROCKS. It’s a retail store with kid’s fashion adapted for Russian consumer – shoes, strollers and warm clothes for our cold winters.

Target audience of the store is young modern parents who appreciate design and functionality and are willing to buy high-quality and comfortable things for their children at prices above average. KID ROCKS has eight stores in Moscow and St. Petersburg and is ready to meet the needs of their audience. We added more fun to the process of shopping, and some sparkles to the brand style and retail stores, which helps KID ROCKS stand out.

The bright character of the brand is embodied in a dynamic logo. It consists of funny children's faces forming letters "O" and "C" with addition of simple graphics. Bright cowberry colour creates a unique look and does not intersect with competitors. Based on the logo, we developed simple and playful graphics, which are now used inside the store.