Moscow Credit Bank (MKB) IT Team

July 2021

LINII developed a corporate merch for the IT Department of Moscow Credit Bank (MKB), which can be used at themed events, hackathons and conferences, as well as worn daily in office.

While merch creating, we came up with a concept called "Code is a weapon". Within this concept IT Specialists appear as people who are often in shadows, but without whom the bank cannot exist.

The MKB logo has become a pattern — it resembles Japanese hieroglyphs, signs of clan affiliation. The corporate palette consists of red with a raspberry hue and dark purple, almost inky. It refers to the aesthetics of industrial and urbanism.

Code is a weapon graphics can be seen on t-shirts and hoodie sleeves. It contains everyday life jargon words of IT People: hardcore, page up, not found and others.

We paid special attention to copywriting in the project. Words play — softwear/software — is hidden in hats and scarves. The mittens are inscribed: dropleft and dropright — for right and left hands. The formulas Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V are printed on slippers, and the sleep masks have the corresponding phrases: Wake up! Backup! Reloading, Friendly inter_face, Sleep mode.