Home Market


HomeMarket is a convenient store where you can buy basic house essentials. The product range consists of more than 3000 items. 20 stores have already been opened in Moscow and in the region, as well as in Tula and Orel. Our agency has developed a logo, a corporate identity, a brand book and design for all upcoming stores. In the end we all were convinced, that raccoons really can save the world!

Shopping experience is now enhanced with the help of funny furry animals lurking behind price tags or showcases. Family stores should be fun, so while creating this brand, we acted playfully and easily. In addition, we decided that the discounter should look bright and interesting, and we brought this vision to life.

You probably have already understood that as a brand personality we’ve chosen a raccoon, a pretty animal, who likes to play with goods on the shelves, knows what is where and when you can get something interesting at a particularly affordable price. It keeps you company while you shop and it’s a unique experience!