Dr. Head chain of audio goods stores

February 2019

Dr. Head Company was founded in 2007 and is represented by two branches in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The two-story flagship with an area of 1000 m², which is located on Novy Arbat, 15, is the largest personal audio store in Europe. It contains more than 800 models of headphones from the simplest and most inexpensive to the masterpieces of engineering.

We created the space by analyzing the consumers’ and sellers’ behaviors. The center was a round counter with a display of market leaders. This technique helped to reduce the number of consultant steps during communication with customers and divided the category into three parts: in-ear, wireless, full-size headphones.

Category navigation, developed by means of "beacons" on the shelves, helps a consumer to find the necessary information and navigate in space.

We came up with a simple and modern pin logo recognizing the letter D, a head with headphones, and a vinyl turntable. Based on the shape of the sign, simple and laconic carriers were developed. Pure typography was put in basis of navigational solutions.

The combination of dark grey and bright blue colors allows the graphics to highlight or dim some elements.

A corporate pattern combining signs and emotional symbols denoting sound and dynamics was also developed.