Doner 42 eatery chain

August 2020

Development of a logo, corporate identity and packaging.

In 2020 Dodo Brands team had the idea to create a shawarma brand that would compete with McDonald's, Burger King, KFC, SubWay and other big players in the fast food industry.

Doner 42 project was scheduled to start and finish within a month. In order to meet these deadlines, we moved in 4 sprints. We had to create a visual concept for the brand and, based on it, work out a sign, packaging, drink labels, branded bags, uniforms and media for online platforms and social networks.

We suggested using lightning bolts, a space theme and a yellow-gray color scheme in the identity. The design stood out among the "noise", was, as they say, on-the-brief, was perfectly readable and conveyed the concept of the new brand as much as possible. To enhance the dynamics in a static logo, we have added a corporate slope.

To support the concept, interesting furniture was added in the interior, as if it had arrived from a Star Wars spaceship, Night City neon street lighting from the future, as well as bright accents that look like bursts of lightning tearing apart the space. The sign was made in the style of futurism, where luminous streams, burning rays, and light coexist.