Dodo Pizza China pizzerias chain

June 2016

Dodo Pizza, a fast-growing global catering brand, launched a pizzeria in Hangzhou, China in 2016. We were glad to participate in the international project of such level.

LINII was tasked to research fast food market and Asian audience preferences and develop an attractive visual identity according to them.

LINII’s strategic planners and designers dived deeply into research in Hangzhou and Shanghai, held ethnic tours and strategic workshops. They engaged cultural anthropologists, sinologists and oriental culture specialists into the project. This is how the concept of "Portal Between Fantasy Worlds" was born, where the illustrations communicate a new food experience and show the freshness of the ingredients.

Illustrators’ bidding included 22 people from 12 countries: Russia, Ukraine, Ireland, Great Britain, Spain, Brazil, France, USA, Germany, Italy, Israel and China. As a result, a girl from China named Hao Hao (郝冉) became the illustrator of the project.