The redesign of children's supermarkets “Dochki-Synochki”

January 2014

“Dochki-Synochki” is one of the largest chains of children's goods stores. It consists of more than 160 stores across Russia. We were entrusted to modify an outdated logo, to create a new corporate identity, a brand book, and a series of information posters to help buyers choose products.

“Dochki-Synochki” presents a wide selection of products for children. Here you can buy almost everything, from baby food to a variety of toys and children's "transport". We really wanted to give this lively and diverse brand some modernity and bright colours, bring games and interactive solutions into retail.

Now children happily jump over the river with "crocodiles" at the entrance, they enjoy playing with our characters roaming the painted landscapes, while parents can shop comfortably.

The network redesign was closely linked with the new logo development. Leaving it recognizable, we completely redesigned the images of the characters and the font solution. The logo became more modern and more convenient to work with in different media.

Our characters are integrated into over 50 scenes, interacting with goods from the shop: driving cars, swinging and playing ball. These stories helped design the space over the shelves and store navigation.

During the work we have created a pilot design project of a new store, scheduled for opening in Krasnodar. More than 150 brand identity media, designed for this store, formed the brand book. In addition, we’ve developed secondary graphics for theme zones and seasonal offers,

more than 70 infopanels, a set of printing materials, outdoor advertising layouts, transport design, interactive concept for shop windows, new design for monthly newspaper “Dochki-Synochki” and much more.