Women's underwear is a territory of romance, sexuality and beauty. We were very careful while creating this emphatically feminine new trademark of delicate underwear. For the DELUSION brand, we developed a name, a logo, a corporate identity and a brand book.

DELUSION is a middle tier brand. Target audience is young girls, not ready to overpay for their underwear, but willing to buy something that looks expensive.

Love for elegant things and luxury, as well as desire to follow fashion trends are embodied in the visual identity of the brand we created.

“Delusion” in this case means "dream”, “passion”, “illusion”. A seductive name complements the spectacular logo. It was based on a refined analogy of a woman's body framed in lacy underwear, like a masterpiece in an art gallery. The logo emphasizes the details and the beauty of underwear presented in DELUSION shops.

For the corporate identity, several brand patterns were developed. They’re used as graphic content for various media and as basis of brand’s typography. The colour palette is built within strict black and white range.