Coffee House cafe chain

March 2018

In 2018, the well-known Coffee House chain, which at that time had already existed for 19 years, applied to LINII for rebranding. We have developed the interior and exterior, as well as the corporate identity, logo and slogan.

There are six main parameters of a consumer choice of a retail or HoReCa brand: location, product, interior/exterior, service, communication and identity. We proposed to change the approach to the space design, gave recommendations on lighting and zoning, as well as on the goods demonstration and assortment.

The previous slogan "It’s time to eat" contained an important point that the project team wanted to keep. It was necessary to reflect the possibility of a full lunch or breakfast, as well as the rhythm of a big city with a constant lack of time.

As a result, the parceling "Eat. Drink. Succeed", which combined rational and emotional advantages in once.

We wanted to reinforce the important status of coffee shops in the city, as well as strengthen the Moscow component of the place. St. Basil’s Cathedral dome patterns and the identity of the Moscow subway became a source of inspiration: hence the subconsciously familiar zigzag lines and the red and white color combination.

In the logo, we reduced the difference between uppercase and lowercase letters. This helped reinforce the feel of a long-standing brand and had a positive impact on readability. The signature colors are the signal Pantone Bright Red C and the dark brown Pantone Black 5 C.