He has 34


A man's shirt is not just a part of the wardrobe, it’s a whole philosophy. A new Russian brand of premium men's shirts and a retail boutique-store named "He has 34" was the result of a large-scale project, which lasted for a year.

Our client is a Russian factory "Elita", which has been sewing first-class men's shirts for true fans of this piece for 25 years now. They came to us to develop a brand for their new premium product and retail store. For premium-class shirts they use high-quality double-thread, manual matching and classical Italian patterns, adapted to Russian specifics by experts from Italy. With such an attitude towards business, the brand is quite capable of competing with world leaders of the industry. We were to change the attitude towards buying a man's shirt. "He has 34" turns the purchase of a shirt into a unique and exciting experience, which one will certainly want to relive again and again.

For the brand “He has 34”, we’ve developed a name, a logo, a corporate identity and a brand book. We conducted a photo shooting, created the first set of photo images for the future brand, developed an image booklet and prepared all necessary materials for brand presentation, which took place in December 2017 at Krasny Oktyabr. We also supervised construction of the first retail store.


You can see the results of our work and try on wonderful "He has 34" shirts at the flagstore which opened in January 2018 at "Neglinnaya Plaza" shopping center.

The number "34" in the name of the brand is not accidental, it is a number of elements that make a perfect premium men's shirt. In addition, it is believed that a modern man reaches his peak at the age of 34. The black and white palette chosen for the logo and corporate identity, emphasizes the advantages and premium quality of the product. The logo was approved right away at the first presentation.